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RAM Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning offers trenchless sewer line replacement and is now the way of the future. The old traditional way of replacing a sewer drain pipe is to dig up the old pipe, by hand or with a machine, and lay a new one down. This way is very labor intensive and can be very expensive when a line is in a difficult position, such as under a house, a road or under concrete.

The trenchless sewer drain replacement technology saves time and money and is particularly efficient when the sewer drain pipe is under a driveway, a house, side walk, or under a big tree.

Using this new sewer pipe replacement method we excavate a hole at the building where the cast iron pipe begins and we then excavate a hole at the end of the pipe at the sidewalk. We expose the sewer drain pipe in each hole and cut out small sections of pipe. Next, we feed a large strong steel cable between the two holes.  Attached to this cable is a large heavy metal cone shaped head that breaks the old pipe in place to exactly the size of the new trenchless drain pipe.  The new sewer drain pipe is actually a black plastic pipe about 4 or 6 inches in diameter. This sewer drain pipe is connected together by melting the ends of the pipe and joining them to create on continuous length of sewer drain pipe without any joints, eliminating tree roots and leaks.