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Smoke Testing

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Smoke testing is a process that is periodically performed as a part of an ongoing sanitary sewer inspection program. It is utilized in order to identify areas that see clear water entering the system and that could be causing eventual sanitary sewer backups. The test will see a non toxic smoke being forced into the sewer plumbing of the neighborhood or in smaller areas. Keep in mind that direct contact with this smoke can cause minor respiratory irritation so if there are individuals that suffer from various respiratory conditions they should not come in contact with the smoke.

Smoke testing forces air that is filled with smoke in a sanitary sewer line. We are dealing with pressure so it will end up filling the main lines and any other connections. If there are any leaks the smoke will appear on surface, thus revealing possible places that show problems. Not much pressure is needed and the minimum required is enough to overcome the pressure of the atmosphere. If there are openings that can permit the smoke to follow them, smoke tests are effective, no matter the soil type, surface type or the depth of the lines tested.

The truth is that the most cost effective and efficient way to find out the locations of the places where clear water enters the sewer system is smoke testing. The good news is that it is becoming a nationwide requirement in order to locate clear water problems. This is beneficial as such situations can threaten the ability to treat waste water and a lot of money is thus wasted by waste water treatment facilities. Another positive aspect of smoke testing is that it helps people in locating plumbing leaks in buildings. We all know that sewer gases can cause a lot of health problems so they need to be fixed as soon as they are discovered.